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Daniel Morgan

I write code that works (usually).

About me...

I'm a software developer from the UK with over 9 years experience mostly in web technologies. In the past I've worked as a web designer, front-end dev, and back-end dev.

I’ve made brochure sites, complex web apps, e-commerce stores, interactive maps for museums, networked systems for live events, and lately I’ve been working on a product that lets hundreds of people play games together from their phone.

Currently working at Rhythm in Manchester as an interactive developer.

My skills...

  • Modern, carefully written PHP and JavaScript
  • Laravel, Symfony, Express
  • Relational database design, normal forms, MySQL/MariaDB
  • React, Redux, Vue, Webpack
  • CLI, Git, GNU tools. Can exit Vim without panicking.
  • CI/CD, Docker, provisioning servers, devops
  • Design patterns and SOLID principles
  • Test Driven Development
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • API design and system integrations
  • Tinkering with Assembly, C, Rust, Ruby, Python, C#
  • Web design: in-browser, Figma, Adobe suite (I don’t get to use much anymore 🙁)
  • Magento, Wordpress, ExpressionEngine (I don’t have to use at all anymore 😃)