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Rokket Toy

I thought it would be fun to put the little bit of Unity and C# I've been learning into practice with a super simple project. A sort of 2D Kerbal Space Program leveraging Unity's physics engine, free assets, and rapid development cycle.

Here's my wishlist of features:

  • [x] Orbit around the planet
  • [x] Implement inverse square law for gravity
  • [ ] Launch the rocket with angry birds inspired controls
  • [ ] Add some particle effects for the rocket exhaust
  • [ ] Atmospheric drag when close to the planet
  • [ ] Camera moves to keep rocket in view
  • [ ] Sound

Github repository


  • v0.0.2

    • 2017-09-12
    • Click to launch the rocket forward, gravity is applied as a point in the center
    • Video
    • Playable build
  • v0.0.3

    • 2017-09-12
    • Made the planet spin and spruced up it's effects, tweaked controls
    • Video
    • Playable build
  • v0.0.4

    • 2017-09-13
    • Introduced a line renderer to show variable thrust. And inverse square law gravity so that as the rocket moves away from the planet it will leave the gravity well. I might remove it though. It's more realistic but I don't think it's as fun.
    • Video
    • Playable build
  • v0.0.5

    • 2017-09-17
    • Implemented an equation to draw a trajectory line where the rocket will go. The equation is only designed to work on a flat surface though, not around a planet.
    • Video
    • Playable build